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New York Prison Consultants

New York Prison Consultants is a New York based prison consulting company with decades of experience in federal prison consulting, New York state prison consulting and New York City prison consulting services, as well as the county jail corrections. New York Prison Consultants was created with decades of combined experience in paralegal, criminal justice, state prison, federal prison and county jail corrections experts who function as federal prison, state prison and county jail consultants/advocates, as well as federal prison consultants, New York state prison and jail specialists who are preeminent in the field of the Prison Rehabilitation, Rights and Advocacy. We have well over 250 years of combined experience as federal prison consultants, advocates and experts, as well as New York State prison consultants, New York State prison advocates and New York state prison experts.

Pete Curcio is our Director and served over 25 years in the New York City Department of Corrections at Riker's Island and rose to the position of second highest in the Chain of Command. After his retirement with the New York City Department of Corrections, Pete became a corrections consultant with the United States Department of Justice and has been training Federal, State and County level Senior Corrections Executives all across the Country. Training all levels of government, in positions such as Federal, State and County Correctional Wardens, Correctional Superintendents and other Senior Level Corrections Executives. This gives Pete hands-on contact and insight into Federal, State and Local County Correctional Institutions.

The left chart below, show the U.S. Prison Population as a whole is slowly decreasing. much by way of specialized ever-changing State Prison System Policies or State Prison Programs that are in place. In our expert opinion, planning as far in advance, prior to your New York prison sentencing is the most effective way of minimizing your federal prison or state prison term, as well as, including, top-notch strategies for effective federal prison facility designation or state prison placement (reception center designation) at the lowest security level and the fastest path towards release.

Additionally, the right chart below shows a slow reduction in private prison facility use for state prison and prison usage, over nearly a 10 year increase prior. The New York State Department of Corrections and many other State Prison Systems are slowly reducing their use of private prison facilities and that proves to add to the complications of steering a path to minimizing New York federal, state and county prison sentences at the lowest security level and the fastest path towards release.

Our dedicated team of New York federal and state Prison Advocates, lead by our Executive Staff, provide federal and state prison advocacy, with documented results, on behalf of federal, state and county criminal defendants and their criminal defense attorneys. Our New York Prison Consultants have a shared work history of more than 250 years at senior levels of Federal, State and Local Government, including many State Department of Corrections, City and County Corrections Agencies, State and County Probation Offices, United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Supervised Release, State Parole and State Probation, and Pretrial Services Systems within the appropriate Federal Courts and State Courts of jurisdiction.

Among the results of our federal prison and state prison or jail advocacy services, as well as New York state prison and federal prison or jail consulting services are shortened periods of federal prison or New York state prison, New York City or New York county jail incarceration. Our nationally networked experience in assessing federal prison programs or New York state prison programs, include, maximum periods of half-way house (release re-entry centers) reduced federal prison and state prison terms, placement and access to prison medical and prison mental health treatment, as well as community supervision and home confinement are just a few of our federal prison, New York state prison consulting and New York City advocacy services.

Call New York Prison Consultants now at 1-877-9-PRISON or 1-877-977-4766 to discuss your prison consulting or advocacy needs. Our free initial consultation hours are from 10 AM to 8 PM, Eastern time, Monday through Saturday.